Happy New Year 2013


As the new year approaches I reflect upon the days of 2012, some with sorrow and some with joy, and look forward to the New Year.

A time to start everything anew.

Let us forgive those who have done us harm, as in forgiveness we let go the anger, the stress and the worry within our hearts. It lifts weights off our shoulders and allows us to live with an open heart.

Let us stress not about things we have no control over and have faith and trust that everything will work out for our highest good.

Let us look at problems as challenges and pursue these challenges with an open mind to resolve them.

Let us make better choices to expand our growth here on earth; in health, emotion and spirit.

Let us greet everyone with an open heart and an open mind.

Let us treat each other with kindness, love and respect as we wish to be treated.

Let us find solitude in the quiet moments that we can hear the words of God.

Let us be grateful for the experiences and people that have entered into our lives as these have helped shaped  who we are today.

Let us know that we are never alone, that we are eternal beings and that there is more to being than meets the eye.

May your 2013 be joyfully abundant

– Marylou Arruda





Quote by Marylou Arruda


When someone casts judgement on you based on another man’s lie, remember, it matters not what others think about you. What matters most, is what you think about yourself, and what God knows about you. Have faith! Because the universe has a wonderful way of making everything balance out in the end.

 Marylou Arruda

Quote by Marylou Arruda

True happiness cannot be found in a person, place or thing.

But you may say… “it makes me happy when I am there,” or “It makes me happy to have this,” or “I am most happy with so and so,” but that type of happiness is only temporary. Things change, nothing ever remains the same. So the happiness you are finding in this moment may not be there in the next, and in turn, you will always be searching for happiness.

True happiness is that which comes from within. It’s remembering that you are a unique aspect of source energy and that you are, at your core, love.

What you are searching for is not found outside yourself, look within that is where happiness resides.

Once you find it, it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with or what you have, you will always have that inner sense of peace and happiness.

Marylou Arruda

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